North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 

Wigwam outside of the museum

We enjoy learning and sightseeing as much as the next family, but due to my husband’s schedule, we don’t get to do it as much as we want to. On the days that we are ready to explore, we like to get down and nerdy at the museums that are around us.

The Giant Globe outside of the museum. It’s very hard to miss!


My kids posing in front of the megalodon jaw.

Poison Dart Frogs.


salamander at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


live Turtle Native to North Carolina

If you are ever in the Raleigh, NC area, make sure to check out the Museums! They are free to enter with donations accepted. How awesome is that? They have so much to see and learn. Also, I’m not sure who had more fun the adults or the kids! It was a blast! We plan on going back and checking out the live butterfly exhibit. I hear there is a sloth habitat in there!


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Hi, I'm Lisa- I am a bilingual, mama from SoCal living life in North Carolina alongside my adventurous family! I love crafting, cooking, photography, and exploring our new home state. I also enjoy learning new things and my hopes are that you give in to your creative side and try something new!

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