Finding my “ME” Time and 24 Ideas for Self Care

As a mom of 3, I find making time for myself difficult. I also have that guilty feeling that the time that I am spending on myself, should be spent with my kids. Now, I’m a SAHM and I spend ALL day with my kids. Especially right now that my oldest is on summer break. Like any other parent out there, my “breaks” are my trips to the restroom and even then, they’re not peaceful. My mom brain automatically goes to the worst case scenario of what my kids may be doing if I hear too much noise or too little noise. Loads of fun, right?

I found this gem on Facebook through Close to Classy’s Blog. I feel it with everything I have.

On the days that I feel like it’s going to be overwhelming, I start to think about what I can do for myself because I know I will feel better. Do I feel selfish? Always. Do I feel like whatever money I spent could have gone to something more useful? All the time, but my health and my sanity are also important. My kids need a happy, functioning mother. My husband needs and wants me to be happy.
So back to those Ideas for self care! Make time for yourself while the kids are taking a nap, or if you have the luxury of having a friend or family member take the kids, (even if it’s only for an hour) DO IT.

Here is a list of that you can try to make life a little less stress free:

  • Make yourself some tea (My favorites are Chamomile and Yogi’s Honey and Lavender Stress relief)
  • Drink your coffee
  • Put on a mud mask
  • Color
  • Turn up your favorite music and have a 10 minute dance party
  • Start a journal
  • Drink a glass of your favorite wine
  • Eat those cookies. I’m not judging.
  • Kids are napping? Watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix
  • Put on makeup just because
  • Try a new hairstyle
  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Get out and smell the roses. Really, it’s fun.
  • Create a space to meditate for 5 minutes a day
  • Find a good book to read
  • Eat something good
  • Do yoga
  • Start a bible study journal
  • Declutter of things you haven’t used in a year or more
  • Set up a girl’s night out or a coffee date with a friend
  • Start a garden
  • Take a warm bath
  • Learn a new language
  • Write a letter

Remember that taking time for yourself is a good thing. Please don’t feel guilty. Stop comparing yourself to other mothers. What works for them with their kids, with their household, may not work for you. That is perfectly okay! Stop trying to control every aspect of life. Things will happen like they need to. Trust me, I’m figuring this all out as the days go by. It’s time for a break, momma. You’ve earned it!

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Hi, I'm Lisa- I am a bilingual, mama from SoCal living life in North Carolina alongside my adventurous family! I love crafting, cooking, photography, and exploring our new home state. I also enjoy learning new things and my hopes are that you give in to your creative side and try something new!

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