Chalkboard on a Budget!

This is probably one of the easiest projects that we’ve done in a while and I hope that it is the same for you as well!

Two out of the three materials were already in our home which made this project close to free, but for those of you who may not have a piece of plywood laying around and some sort of paintbrush or pad on hand, I made sure to find out the most affordable way to do this!

My husband and I have to give our kids the credit for this one, though! After we discovered some toddler doodling on a wall (Yay, for Mr. Clean erasers), I knew it was time to redirect their artistic abilities onto another medium.


Materials you will need:

  1. Plywood or your choice of board (I used a 2ft x 3ft piece of plywood)

Home Depot has a good deal on a 2ft x 4ft piece for about $7 dollars

2. American Crafts Chalkboard paint- 16.6 oz. (Walmart- $6.88)

It goes a long way and you’ll have a lot left over for future products!

3. A paint edger (Walmart- $3.00)

It worked way better than a sponge brush and covered more surface area. Trust me.

4. Sandpaper ( Walmart- $1 to $3)

I opted out of using it. It was smooth enough.


Step 1: If your board is the size you want it to be, then you can go ahead and sand it if you’d like. Like I mentioned in the materials list, we chose not to because it was smooth enough and the little bit of texture was nice.

2. Go ahead and wipe down your board of any particles and paint away. I don’t have a picture of this because it is pretty self-explanatory, but you may want to do about 2-3 coats of your chalkboard paint. The edger will cover more surface area which will make it easy to use less product. A little goes a long way! Let dry for about 30 minutes in between coats to be on the safe side.

3. Once fully dry, it’s time to season or prep your board before using. Cover that baby in chalk and then wipe away with a dry rag. You now have a chalkboard that is ready to use!

(Disclaimer: Products used were already in my possession unless otherwise stated. In which case, I purchased items myself. Also, I am not affiliated or advertising for anyone.)

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Hi, I'm Lisa- I am a bilingual, mama from SoCal living life in North Carolina alongside my adventurous family! I love crafting, cooking, photography, and exploring our new home state. I also enjoy learning new things and my hopes are that you give in to your creative side and try something new!

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