Natural Tick Repellent

Tick season is here! I know, they’re gross and the thought of them biting you can be scary, but they are NOT just a southern thing. They are EVERYWHERE and it’s always a good idea to check yourself and your four-legged family members after a hike or roll in the grass.

tick, tick removal,
Tiny tick found that i found during a diaper change.

If you happen to find one attached to you or someone else it is best to use pointed tweezers as you get a better grip on them.

Gently grasp them close to where they are attached, pull in an upward motion and clean the bite site with rubbing alcohol. You can keep an eye out for any symptoms that may worry you.

A few things that I have learned in the 4 years that I’ve dealt with ticks: Do not smother with soap or Vaseline and do not twist them off *I’m guilty of doing those.* Also, keeping up with the yard and using essential oils have helped a bit. Attached is a recipe for a simple and natural repellent.


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